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PO Box 7301 Goodyear AZ 85338

Tel:  623-414-4139


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Philip DoVico is the Principal Fiduciary and the founder of Custom Care & Financial Solutions LLC. Philip's degree in business management allowed him to hold such positions as the Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of a Licensed Fiduciary and the Executive Director of a community based 501c3.


Philip also has over 14 years of combined experience in fiduciary case management, financial management experience, property tax administration and property management experience.


When Philip isn't busy protecting Arizona's vulnerable population he is donating his time as a member of the human rights committee through the division of developmentally disabled or managing a multifaceted video control board for his local church.

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About Us

Arizona Licensed Fiduciary #20787

 Mission Statement: Custom Care & Financial Solutions LLC., will provide tailored financial services and customized care services to those in need in the community. I will always be aware of opportunities to help vulnerable individuals and assist other professionals in a collaborative manner for the greater good of my community. I promise to always demonstrate the highest form of integrity, act in a professional manner and treat individuals with respect.



A guardian is defined by the Arizona Revised Statutes as a person who has qualified as a guardian of an incapacitated person pursuant to testamentary or court appointment. In other words a guardian is a person who is entrusted by law with the care of the person or property, or both, of another, as a minor or someone legally incapable of managing his or her own affairs.



A conservator is defined by the Arizona revised Statutes as a person who is appointed by a court to manage the estate of a protected person.  In other words as a conservator manages a person's financial affairs, paying bills, dealing with personal and real property and can analyze financial needs to budget and invest is the financial posture warrants such planning



 The Arizona Superior Court often times appoints an impartial third party as a Trustee to administer a contested Trust, a decedent’s Trust, a Special Needs Trust or the Trust of an incapacitated person whose nominated successor Trustee is unwilling or unable to serve.  Custom Care & Financial Solutions is able to act as trustee in any of the trust roles mentioned.



Arizona Long Term Care System is an Arizona Medicaid program that is designed to help fixed income seniors and other disabled individuals afford the care that they are entitled to. ALTCS pays the difference in care costs that one requires after an individual’s assets are exhausted. Custom Care & Financial Solutions assists in the navigation of the application process.



Often times the Court calls upon a Fiduciary to conduct the finalization of a decedent’s estate.  A decedent's estate is the real and personal property that an individual owns upon his or her death. The administration includes satisfying any and all creditors of the estate, conducting a final estate tax return, determining beneficiaries and finally making distributions to the beneficiaries of the estate.

About Us


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